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Uvalde thing I keep thinking about 

How could you continue to live there with those cops among you? How could you ever look at them again with anything but contempt?

Guns are banned at the NRA convention in Texas this weekend when Trump speaks. Let that sink in.

How do you use cryptocurrency?

wordle should allow you to maintain your streak if you miss a day by allowing you to do yesterday's puzzle in addition to today's. in this essay, i will...

Wordle 342 4/6


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> 140hrs pvp pro strats
> just don't ever be low health bro


The girl has absorbed the concept of non-diegetic sound: while playing with dolls and singing a song, she turned to me to explain "Nobody is singing this song, it's just playing."

Funny thing is, the only time I ever see them taken down en masse is during BLM protests and rumors start flying about the brown hordes coming to their homes.

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please boost this to nuke my instance, i'm trying to test something

Wordle 341 3/6


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fuck i forgot to get the thing i wanted to get at the store

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