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dreams of tech that could have been

sd prompt: an imaginary and futuristic tech device highly detailed sharp focus, 1987

if they make one stupid joke/nod to the fact that Ariel is black in the new little mermaid movie I'm gonna be so disappointed. surely they know better, right?

things that make you go hmm maybe putting the internet into the hands of one or two giant mega-corps isn't a great idea and maybe we should fix the system that allows DDOS to occur


damn it. this is such a frustrating thing to search. 100% of the results are just people telling you that you should never have 150 concurrent queries and that OBVIOUSLY you have a dns loop somewhere.

bitch, i have a very large network, which includes at least 2 archivewarrior devices and my wife's work computer which spams DNS requests at a mind boggling rate when not connected to the vpn.


one of my favorite media tropes is someone on cable news trying to explain what 4chan is and inevitably fucking it up

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something very cool about asking stable diffusion to make its own icon for itself.

@gme some people care a lot :very_funny: :very_funny: :very_funny:

i picked that image cause his reaction video to the WOKE trailer popped up when i was trying to search for it. he was big mad. claimed it totally wasn't her skin color, it was the "disrespect" for the source material. :very_funny: :pepe_muppet: :very_funny: :pepe_muppet: :very_funny:

remember when the most annoying thing online was an sjw chastising you for saying something vaguely problematic online?

i long for those days. now we have to listen to chuds like this be aggressively upset about the fall of western civilization cause the little mermaid is black now.

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Every newsroom in America today had an editor screaming “FIND ME A LOCAL ANGLE”

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there is nothing more frustrating than those videos on tiktok of people presenting themselves as educators and getting almost nothing right in their video.

just watched someone claim adobe's new voice recording enhancement ai is creating a synthetic voice and is lying by promoting itself as a denoiser/eq.

not only would it require a 30 minute video to explain all the technical and philosophical reasons she's wrong, she's so morally outraged she'd never believe any evidence to the contrary.

the thing about endless bewjeweled is that theres no shame in fucking up a 4 or 5 stack. there will always be more stacks.

i think thats beautiful.

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If you're looking for a film or video game composer, I'm your guy! I offer affordable and professional services to help bring your project to life. Shoot me a DM today and let me help you out :)

Here's a link to my reel: youtube.com/watch?v=wNBlyUsgsE

#gamedev #indiedev #composer #vgm

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