the dumbest fuckin' shit i've ever seen in a headline re abortion 

holy shit i don't even have fuckin' WORDS for this like what the fuck someone wrote down this headline and thought "yeah this looks good"

i swear i thought this was a satire/hoax when i saw the screenshot

this fella doesnt seem very familiar with guitoteens and their uses

just got reddit mod'd. this guy is so far up his own ass. jesus christ.

here is the post they removed for not being oniony enough.

reaching my limit on political Discourse™️. and i have a feeling its going to ramp up soon. gonna have to hide. embrace my inner grill man.

this is not the gotcha this fella thinks it is. the police protect themselves, not you. and i use the word "protect" rather loosely here.

its cute that this reddit post's title/subreddit hint that maybe these nimrods will finally figure out that the police boots aren't worth licking.

in reality, they'll just conclude that this was some deep state cabal pedo false flag orchestrated by biden and pelosi.

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