dreams of tech that could have been

sd prompt: an imaginary and futuristic tech device highly detailed sharp focus, 1987

damn it. this is such a frustrating thing to search. 100% of the results are just people telling you that you should never have 150 concurrent queries and that OBVIOUSLY you have a dns loop somewhere.

bitch, i have a very large network, which includes at least 2 archivewarrior devices and my wife's work computer which spams DNS requests at a mind boggling rate when not connected to the vpn.


something very cool about asking stable diffusion to make its own icon for itself.

remember when the most annoying thing online was an sjw chastising you for saying something vaguely problematic online?

i long for those days. now we have to listen to chuds like this be aggressively upset about the fall of western civilization cause the little mermaid is black now.

browsing mindlessly through reddit's /r/all for hours. finally reach the non-english posts without realizing it. saw this and just assumed it was some kind of tier-3 absurdist shitpost meant to make no sense.

no clue what it actually says but i was still amused. my brain is clearly broken.

think anything you like about kiwifarms, but this post is fucking poetry.

lol can't wait for little wars to start popping up over stuff like this around the world. looking forward to the breathless and confused npr pieces where the anchor gravely asks a field reporter or expert "how did this happen?" like corporate mega pollution and climate change snuck up on on us out of nowhere.

you want to see the ultimate alpha male? jim varney. look at him. the ultimate stud muffin. objectively handsome and a beautiful man. and he played the goofiest character in all of history in ernest worrell. this is the ultimate chad. this is confident and comfortable masculinity in its purest form.

this image feels like an editor somewhere said "we need to make sure the audience know's that she's a lesbian. how do we do that?"

monkeypox prediction 

this second comment made my skin crawl because because i could hear it in trump's voice in my head.

i think it may be time to make a second attempt at reading the turner diaries. it's racist and terribly written, but the idea of these shitheads rising up and attempting coordinated violence on minorities seems way more plausible now. the lgbtq "groomers" + anti-teacher + performative anti-pedophilia fervor is starting to look like powderkeg.

ai drawn lineart of a human penis 

well i'll be. this is pretty good. even when i can't type or spell right.

Chris Hayes continues his shitposting journey. I'm so proud.

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