remember when the most annoying thing online was an sjw chastising you for saying something vaguely problematic online?

i long for those days. now we have to listen to chuds like this be aggressively upset about the fall of western civilization cause the little mermaid is black now.

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It's a fantasy fiction story. It's not like it's an biopic. Who cares WHAT color her skin or hair is.

@gme some people care a lot :very_funny: :very_funny: :very_funny:

i picked that image cause his reaction video to the WOKE trailer popped up when i was trying to search for it. he was big mad. claimed it totally wasn't her skin color, it was the "disrespect" for the source material. :very_funny: :pepe_muppet: :very_funny: :pepe_muppet: :very_funny:

LOL. “Disrespect” to the source material? It’s a fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen! More to the point, the color of The Little Mermaid’s hair isn’t even described in the original fairy tale!

What a wanker. Nay. What a wank stain that guy is for bitching about a fucking fairy tale.

The original fairy tale, written in Danish.

No mention of The Little Mermaid's color of her skin or her hair.
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