> Don't worry I'm smarter than you.

See 2 cockroaches you have a dozen. Wonder how much of this exists in GOOG and FB if just one is dumb enough to rat himself out on twitter.

@cjd probably lots of assholes at places like that. lots of assholes everywhere, really. but when you're at the "top" locations you get that feedback loop of "i'm the best cause i'm at the best company".

lol fuck them. suck a wiener.

i used to think that way, i still kind of do even if i don't think internet nobodies should really be held to the same standard as internet somebodies. but lord almighty if you don't want to face consequences for saying shitty things and doing shitty things, dont do or say the shitty things.

like, this is public. not much different than standing up in your office and just being shitty.

and at the *very* least if you insist on being shitty online, don't do it under your real name.

@virilemame lookin' at that thumbnail, that's gonna be a no from me dawg. unless it's a parody. too lazy to check.

@wagesj45 well then if you're ignorant enough to not understand/hear completely what someone has said to the full extent then don't nitpick what they have said... because now you're only listening things that fit your narrative.

i saw his tweet about why women shouldn't code. it boils down to "women are happier with children and in the home". pretty common stance on the right, and i dont respect the argument so i don't entertain it. not wasting time engaging with a bad faith party over something dumb on its face.

@wagesj45 well yes in the video he makes it clear on why he said that it not because he doesn't believe that women shouldn't work...

@Hyolobrika @wagesj45 totally.. I am all for corporate slavery!!! just not filial devotion because god forbid if our corporate overlords ran out of workers. more over I'll never talk about individual freedom when a man chooses a filial devotion because well diversity & feminism ofc how did I miss that, its only bad when men do it and women don't...

@Hyolobrika well techlead said the same thing just says that its better if women don't do programming for the money or the sake of being a programmer & that way ruin their fertility years(because most programming jobs are pretty much 9-5)... and that they should just go into other fields like medical field where they are able to part-time so that they are able to take care of their kids.
from what I can see and feel techlead is only speaking from experience.


Isn't that the guy making a shitty scam coin? Don't think that's something worth watching.

@Hyolobrika @wagesj45

@wagesj45 is this real? he was fired from Facebook last year iic and has done nany videos as a "ex google ex facebook techlead"
@wagesj45 the one and only, this is his classic troll routine
he's been without a job for a long while now, floating on his affiliate courses and clickbait culture ad earnings

@MischievousTomato probably not but it still made me chuckle.

4chan's /b/ warning usually is true for all of the internet: "The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood. Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact."

Holy crap I found that douchebag's twitter & youtube channel. What a pretentious fuck. /cc @cjd

@selea apparently some troll that clickbaits stuff like this. amusing but apparently false. i've been HOAXED on the internet lul.


The funny thing is, that I know people that is doing it like he described

@selea it wouldnt be funny if it didn't resonate with some truth

@selea @gme @cjd @wagesj45 The same guy who launched a crypto pump and dump scheme if I remember correctly.

Also known eternally in the linux community for the "linux is free if you don't value your time" meme.

@stux @gme @wagesj45

What do you honestly expect from someone who voluntarily chooses to work for Zuckerberg?

I think the fact that nimrod was just a software engineer and was making $500k working for the Zuckerfuck makes me almost wish I took that job with Google back in 2000. LOL


@gme @cjd @wagesj45 :blobcatgiggle: haha! Maybe to get gather knowledge and such and bring it to the Fedi for the worldddd yay :flan_evil:

@gme @wagesj45 @stux
Think you'd have been a cultural fit?

Trick question, you don't have to answer ;)
Hell no. I wouldn't have lasted a day. LOL ;-)

But then again I didn't think I'd last a week where I'm at today and that week turned into 17 years.
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